Pt.2 Of Prologue


My beautiful daughter Elenah where

Have thy been it is close to your name day

For when you turn to your 18th year

Thy must joineth the council and taketh

Your spot as head lady ‘tis clear?


Ay Why?!

Mother, I do not wisheth to become head

Lady, the war between the flag of a Lion

Or a dragon doesn’t interest me

‘Tis not a place for a fine lady like

Myself for I am not a savage like them

Not like those jackanapes I do not liketh

to killeth the souls of innocent lads

and Ladies,


My darling, do you not see the light in

This quarrell? You may be the voice for us all

To tell the sinners that bequeathed our cries

That we do not need nor’ want them to kill

Innocents, be the lady that maketh

Them quiver in fright, for I am aging

And my job hast ended, ‘tis up to you

Now my dear, I loveth you with all my being.

PROLOGUE (to be read before all chapters)

Oh Elenah, Elenah,

With your glow so bright,

And your brightness so warm,

Mighty, majestic so,

Gracefully gone

Love to you.

Oh, Elenah, Elenah


I gently hummed the rhythm of the song, as I sewed a hat made of moonlight silk . I  was at my grandmothers funeral. A tear trickled down my cheek and landed on my hat blending in with the sweet fabric and it made a silver flower, the flower of passing. I leaned over and I gently laid  the hat down, it elegantly lay on my grandmothers pale body. As I started to slowly envelope her body in the smooth and soft silk, I could hear the bombs plummeting through the air they released their wrath as if it were our fault for all of this, vexation bubbled within me.  As if we, the innocent people, had anything to do with the faults of our hollow headed leaders that had no idea what to do under lamentable circumstances. I could feel the thunderous shake it left behind. I looked down at her frail body, she wore a dress similar to the one my mother wore to her nuptial ceremony, it was embroidered with gold thread and silver silk that ran through the white lace like water, they moved together to form a dress so beautiful it seemed to be glowing. The dust and rocks blowing off my surroundings seemed to mar the appearance of my grandmas casket, I looked at her one last time  and then quickly closed the lead and dusted off the top so that our family seal was prominent, a crescent was carved into the top of the white marble  by my grandfather, I smiled, she’d be seeing him soon. Slowly I got up and let the casket float up,  high enough  until it looked less like a casket and more like a figurless shape. I doted on my grandmother, and in the moment I realized that I would never see her again, this dreadful war ruled by tyrants had ripped us apart. I could no longer think of my surroundings as my home, it was just a large graveyard full of people dying in it, some would find the irony in that sad, it just gives me more of a reason to fight. Not for the rulers. For me, for my grandfather, for grandmother and for all of my progenies.  I will end this war.

Adieu, Grandmother” I whispered as I dried the last of my tears.

Blog 7 (Poem)

I wonder what it would feel like to loose ones memory

Would the cobwebs in your mind take over?

Would the loss of such nothing leave nothing behind but the ashen remains of dead memories?

Would those precious things have lingered out after years of compression in the cramped space that is now your hollow mind?

Would your memory palate have finally gone dry after years of constant use?

Would your mind have numbed away your feelings of pain and happiness to leave  an emotionless scavenger picking away at

The lives of others?

Would the aching gap in your mind make you feel like confused corpse halfway between its fate?

Is that what it’s like Grandpa?

Chapter 5

I opened my eyes and saw nothing but blackness. It felt like I had been asleep for hours. I tried to sit up but my head hit something hard, panich arose within me as I remembered how I got there, I flipped onto my side and felt around for my dad, he was no where near me. I whispered out “ Dad, are you here?” still no answer. “Dad” I said louder, “Dad!”  I screamed, no one answered me I thrashed around and  slammed my fists against the roof above me and kept hitting it until my knuckles went numb, I felt a sob in my throat and tried to swallow it but I was too weak, I hated myself for being so weak.   I rolled on my front and realized that I was lying on stone, slowly I reached out and felt the wall curve. I was in a cave.  I felt out for something solid, anything to help me get up and out. My hand wrapped around something hard and smooth, a rock. I tried leaning on my knees but the roof was too low, instead I threw the rock into the darkness and tried to listen and see where it would land, after three seconds I heard it hit something, I crawled on my stomach and kept crawling until the wall was in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a small light.  I moved towards it and the closer I got the brighter it shone, my elbows began to ache from all of the crawling, the dirt and rocks scraped against my stomach but I kept going, the dust crawled up my mouth and burned my lungs. The opening of the gave was just a few feet away now,  as I  exited the cramp space I realized that the cave was high up, looking down I saw the calm water and the edge of the forest, the sun was setting I had little time to get back home before the sun vanished and the dangers the the night brought arose.

“ So you woke up, you sure took your time” I recognized that vicious voice, I spun around and the two men stood right behind me, they appeared out of thin air then I noticed the path that led to the cave it was steep and long, my father must be down there somewhere.

“ Where is he?” I asked, not wanting to waste anytime

“ That isn’t important, we need your help first come with us.” said the guy with the gun, he pushed me towards the trail,

“What do you want with me?” I spat out wanting to  smack him with the gun again.

“ Oh now what would be the fun in telling you, you’ll find out.” He pushed me again and I stood still.

“ Tell me where my father is or I swear I’ll-”

“You’ll what, what could you possibly do, you’re a scrawny little girl, just come with us or Gus will have to knock you out again.” Gus grinned and  swung his bat to demonstrate how he would do it. I spat at his feet,

“ You little brat!” he swung at me and I ducked, the other guy reached out for me but I elbowed him in the stomach, Gus lunged for me again and I punched him in the face. My fist hurt so badly I felt like abandoning my body, they both got up and Gus wiped the blood off of his mouth, they looked like they could kill me. I only had one option, I backed up and felt for the edge of the cliff, I could hear the water rushing below me. I jumped.

Chapter 4


Adam wrapped his arm around my shoulder as he tried to get up, he grimaced and barely held in a scream.  I was surprised by how little he weighed, considering the fact that he was almost two heads taller than me. As we limped back to the campsite I began to brood about how bad this would look to my parents, they got stressed so easily and would probably blame Adam for almost getting us killed.


“So, what should we tell my parents?” I asked, he seemed to look confused and slightly irritated

“ The truth”  He answered, exasperated

“ Adam, if I tell them that you thought it would’ve been faster if we split up, they’ll blame you for the attack. They’ll probably say that you slowed me down and that we cant afford that kind of a burden and then they’ll-” I stopped myself before I finished, I dont know why but for some  queer reason I didn’t want him knowing that my main concern was making sure that him and his siblings didn’t leave.

“ Look all I’m trying to say is that we’ll just get into unnecessary trouble if we tell them what happened.” Adam smiled and seemed to be enjoying my discomfort.

“ You just dont want me getting in trouble.” He said with a light chuckle in his voice,  I had the urge to drop right then and there and let him walk or crawl  back.

“ Get over yourself,” I said trying to fight back a smile “ I’ll just tell my parents that we got attacked by a bear or something.” He looked at me quizzically

“ There aren’t any bears in these forests,”

“ Fine then what would you suggest we say,” I snapped, Adam didn’t seem to notice

“ Just tell them that I tripped, its honestly that simple”  I nodded and we walked in silence for the rest of the way. As we approached our campsite I notice that my father and Obadiah were engaged in a very serious conversation.  Obadia was sitting under a tree and leaned forward towards my father, Obadiah  seemed to be doing most of the talking my father just sat down listening to him intently and his stress lines on his forehead bulged out. As soon as they saw us walking towards them they stopped mid-conversation and rushed towards Adam.


“ What happened!?” Obadiah suddenly looked concerned and frustrated at the same time. As I released him he  stifled a groan and tried to stand up straight.

“ I just tripped and fell on a branch, I’m pretty sure I broke a rib or two.”

“ Go into the tent, Layla will set your ribs, Lana can I speak with you for a moment…Alone.” My father ushered me towards the river and all of the blood drained from my face. We sat down side by side I let the  cold water rush against my sore feet.

“Lana tell me exactly how Adam got hurt, if you’re not honest I’ll be able to tell so don’t bother hiding anything.”

“ Two guys that seemed around 24 years-old attacked us and asked us where our campsite was, they kept kicking Adam, thats how he got the broken ribs.” I blurted out, my father didn’t speak for a moment,

“How did you get away without getting hurt”

“ I used my gun to knock them out but I didn’t kill them”

“ Good” I looked down at the grass and wedged my finger into the damp soil,  I suddenly felt stupid for not telling him the truth in the first place, it felt so easy talking to him.

“So, what happens now?” I inquired 

“ We find a new campsite, those guys you knocked out are going to wake up, and when they do we need to be gone.” I looked up at my father and nearly jumped right out of my skin, the two men that had harassed Adam and I stood two feet away and they aimed a gun at my fathers head.

“Dad don’t move.” I whispered, before I knew what was happening one of the guys threw a bag over my head and could I  no longer see anything, all I could feel was the cold breath of the man holding me the stench of it slithered up my nose, he leaned in and whispered

“ If you scream your fathers gone.”





Grimaced: To scowl in discomfort

Slithered: Move smoothly

Inquired: Asked

Intently: With eager attention

Stifled: Restrain

Bulged: To swell or stand out at a ridiculous amount

QuizzicallySort of like suspiciously

Exasperated: Annoyed

Queer: Odd

Brood: To think deeply about something in particular (that makes someone unhappy)


Chapter 3

“My Dad was working for the government, I don’t know what position he was exactly he never really talked about it with us, all I know is that when the city collapsed they asked him to do something he didn’t want to do. So they got rid of him, he was fired and then a couple weeks later men came for him…They said they couldn’t trust him because apparently he knew too much about the things they were doing. They killed him right in front of my mother and I,” Adam paused for a moment, water started to invade his vision and I knew that I should probably do something.

“You don’t have to tell me about all of this, just tell me how you ended up with a bullet almost stuck in your heart”

“ Oh, we were hiding in an abandoned grocery store and these random guys, they were just dressed in jeans and a shirt pulled out guns and screamed to get out. It was like four in the morning so we had no idea what was happening, when we didn’t move fast enough they started shooting at us, they almost shot Sasha in the head. They were going to kill a six year old innocent girl for food; I hadn’t realized how insane people were getting.” He looked down at his bandage covering his stiches, it was covered in blood.

“Hold on, I need to change your bandage.” I reached over to the first aid kit propped up against the tree and pulled out a long piece of white fabric. I lifted up his white shirt, and tried to kick away the awkward feeling that proceeded,

Gently, I removed the bandage on his chest and, he bit his lip as I cleaned it with disinfectant and I let him wrap the bandage around his chest.

“Are you hungry?” I asked


“Well then get your shirt on; we’ve got to go hunting.”


We walked side by side in the woods, with my knife in one hand and my gun tucked in to the back of my pants I was alert and ready.

“How long does it usually take you to find something?” Adam whispered

“Around five minutes, I never really hunt with anyone else.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just more peaceful alone, it’s the only time I ever really get to myself. Other than keeping watch when everyone else is asleep It’s the only chance I get to just think, you know?” I felt Adam studying his footsteps matched mine and he seemed to be thinking a little too deeply about what I just said.

“Do you want to split up? It’ll be faster.” Adam said, I suddenly realized how what I said might’ve sounded like, he probably thought I wanted him to leave,

“Let’s meet back here in ten minutes.” He said as he started to walk away, a part of me felt guilty and another part felt slightly relieved. It couldn’t have been even five minutes when I heard him scream my name. Panic rose in my chest and a scream clung to my throat, I sprinted in the opposite direction he screamed again and I knew I was getting closer. I turned sharply to my right to find him. Two boys that probably had just graduated college held him at gunpoint; Adam kneeled against the floor and the guy with the gun held his shoulders and put his index finger on the trigger, the other boy held a knife in each hand. I stared at them, and tried to seem stronger than I was.

“What do you want?” My own voice was a pleasant surprise it sounded harsh and strong, the guy with the knives  stepped forward and forced me to kneel down next to Adam.

“We just want you to tell us where your camp is, thats all.” They grinned, and the guy with the gun kicked Adams rib cage, he let out a strangled groan and fell face forward on to the ground.

“Now tell us l, where have you two been staying?’ He kicked Adam again,

“ِA little pretty girl like you cant survive on her own, just tell us.” He kicked Adam again, harder this time so that Adam was gasping for air.  I couldn’t take it anymore, I swung my leg around and kicked the back of the boys legs forcing him to fall to the ground and I smacked him as hard as possible with the butt of my gun against his skull, he  lay on the ground out cold.  Next, the guy with the gun came storming at me he snatched me by the hips and lifted me up, I thrashed around aimlessly. After elbowing him in the stomach he began to wheeze and cough as he released me  I kicked him to the ground and helped Adam up.

“ Are you alright?’ I asked him as he struggled to get up

“ My side kind of hurts but, how-how did you do that?”

“ Do what?”

“ You beat up those guys so easily.”

“ It wasn’t easy, plus they were sloppy, lets go back to the camp and my mom can help fix you up.”

Chapter 2

My father had his gun out in a matter of seconds and shot the soldier in the chest, he fell right to the ground. The three kids in front of me turned around and saw the dead soldier, it took them a moment to register what had just happened.  The older boy looked at me and my family I guess he was trying to tell whether or not we were trustworthy, which I find quite ridiculous  since my father just saved their lives.  I tried to imagine what our family looked like to someone who had never met us; we hadn’t had a filling meal in over three months, our baths consisted of only river water and we had a maximum of four hours of sleep everyday because our whole lives revolved around actually staying alive.  The older one stepped forward onto the grass and gently laid down the bleeding boy, the younger girl knelt over him, she couldn’t have even been  over seven years old “ Obadiah, he passed out we need to do something quick” her voice sounded frantic, the girl took off her jacket and pressed it against the younger boys chest. The boy I now knew to be Obadiah regarded me with a look of helplessness and exhaustion.

“My name is Obadiah  and this is my younger sister Sasha. My brother has been bleeding out for the past two hours, I swear we wont steal from you or hurt you, we just need help…Please. ” for a moment no one moved, my parents stood in front of Oliver, Mia and . Without a second thought I sprinted over to our tent and snatched the first aid kit, when I got back my mother had already undone the boys shirt and had started cleaning the wound.

“How bad is it?” Obadiah asked as he knelt down next to his brother,  the sight of blood made him cringe.

“Well, it looks like a bullet just skimmed his skin, he really is lucky.  If he had just even  slightly moved it would’ve hit him right in the heart,  Lana could you hand me the disinfectant please. Oliver, how about you take Obadiah and Sasha to the tent and get them some food, the look like they’re starving” as usual my mum knew exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable, she smiled at Obadiah and continued working on his brother.  Oliver led the way back to the tent as  Sasha skipped along side him together they vanished into the tent. Obadiah still stood there, his white shirt was covered in his brothers blood,  pale skin, the exact opposite of mine, gleamed with sweat. His blue sapphire eyes looked tired and beaten, even the ruffles in his hair seemed exhausted. My father left with Mia to the tent, only Obadiah, his brother, my mom and I were left. Obadiah stared out into the forest, his face was plain but I could tell that his thoughts were running viciously, like gears trying to find the right place to click together, he was wondering whether he could trust us.  I wanted to break the silence, I needed to know more about him, my curiosity ate at me.

“So Obadiah, tell me, what’s your story?” My mother asked as she threaded his brothers wound shut

“My story?”  Obadiah hesitated “There isn’t that much to it, our parents died in the first week of all of this,  and we’ve been moving around trying to stay alive since then. That’s it” Adams face remained expressionless, his stiff posture relaxed as his little sister came out of the tent, a wide smile spread over her face.
“ Obadiah can we stay here! It’s so nice we dont have to hide anymore.”Obadiah looked down at her with a smile that didnt reach his eyes

“Maybe Sasha, how about you get some sleep, I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.”


The stars glinted in the sky,  I looked at my watch it read 11:30 pm. I had been keeping watch for three hours, my eyes felt heavy and it took effort to keep my head up.  I got up to get the aching feeling out of my legs,

“Lana, is that you?” I spun around quickly, my knife stretched out in front of me pointing right at my fathers throat, the tip of the blade only centimeters away from his adams apple.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry dad I didn’t mean to”

“Its fine, I’m glad you’re alert just don’t’ get too paranoid” I  let out a weak chuckle, even that required an amount of energy I barely had.

“ Could you come to the river, I need to talk to you, I don’t want to wake anyone” we  sauntered over to the river and sat down, I watched the river flow smoothly, a few moments passed before either of us spoke.

“ What do you want to talk about?” I asked, he pulled out something small from his pocket. It shone in the moonlight and revealed to be a necklace. The small emerald looked like a smooth white stone carved into a small circle, gold laced around the outside. It was beautiful.

“  Whose is that?”

“ I bought it before the city shut-down, I was going to give it to you for your birthday, but  I just couldn’t wait.” He reached over and put it on me, he gently set my hair back down and smiled.


“ Thank you so much, I love it”  I leaned over to hug him, his large arms wrapped around me, it was the safest I had felt in months. Together we walked back to the campsite, everyone was still asleep except for the wounded boy. He lay propped up against a tree, now that he was awake I could get a better look at him; he had green eyes, and the same brown hair as his brothers, walking over to sit next to me I realized that he had been watching my father and I near the river. His stare didn’t break until I  sat next to him.

“Don’t worry your siblings are in that tent over there, I’m Lana”

“ Um, I don’t mean to sound rude but what am I doing here, I can’t remember anything before the soldier attacked us..”

“ Well, all I know is that you got shot, your brother got you here as fast as he could, you are really lucky my mom said that the bullet was dangerously close to your heart. Your siblings didn’t tell us anything else.” He remained staring at the grass, I could tell that he was still confused.

“That would explain the searing pain in my chest” he laughed and then winced.

“Oh I’m Adam  by the way, I’m guessing Obadiah was pretty reluctant about revealing who we are right, he didn’t tell you anything about what happened to us did he?”

“ Ya, he seemed to be really private, I mean I completely understand. Its just that I’ve been so curious because I literally know nothing about all of you.”

“Well, I could say the same about you, tell me about yourself” He looked up and met my eyes, I quickly looked away and laughed.

“Hey! Thats not fair I asked first, go ahead” I crossed my arms and waited for him to begin, his expression changed suddenly, his playful smile faded away.

“I might as well start at the very beginning…”

Chapter 1

It had been 17 weeks since the city shut down. Next to me my little sister Mia was fast asleep, her fragile ribs poked out every time she exhaled, her long brown hair fanned  out beneath her and the dirt in it stood out from the soft green grass that served  as abed. I tried  to move myself so that the sun wasn’t directly hitting my forehead but my brother stirred  in his sleep, his head rested on my shoulder,  and his perfectly messy hair tickled my arm. I was about to drift off into a massively delayed sleep, when suddenly I heard my Mother whispering to Dad:

“ Simon, it’s been four months, we’re running out food, the kids are exhausted, don’t you think we should find a safe place to settle down?”

“ Look around you Layla, no where is safe you saw what happen to the Perkins, I’m sorry but Im not going to risk anything. We need to keep moving, we’ll get more supplies tomorrow. We’ll figure everything out I promise, now get some sleep I’ll keep watch” My mother seemed like she was about to say something else but her exhaustion won the battle, within just a few minutes she was out.  I managed to lift Olivers head off my shoulder, a few feet away from me I spotted  my boots, I quickly slipped  them on and kissed my dad goodbye before I headed out into the woods to look for some food. In my left hand I gripped my knife, a year ago I probably would’ve cringed at the idea of killing an animal in such a way, but now its life or death, and I choose to live.  As I stepped into the woods everything else dissolved from my site, the coolness of the air was refreshing and it awakened my senses, the tranquility of the forest was  tempting me to simply drop my knife and melt away and return to the stress free teenager I should be but quickly enough I snapped out of my trance and focused on my mission. Food.  Suddenly I returned to my hunter mindset, I am no longer Lana I’m apart of the forest, my movements must match the swiftness of the wind and my steps have to merge with the sounds of the forest.  A few feet in front of me something moved behind a tree, a blur of grey fur scuttled aimlessly, I quickly realize that its a rabbit, in one swift movement I lunge forward catching it totally by surprise. It struggled in my arms, its paws scrape against my arms, the claws scathed my  skin, I dropped it and fell to  my knees holding it still with my knee on its neck. From my pant leg I slip out my knife and take a deep breathe. I hate this part. I slit its throat, making sure that none of the blood got into the meat. I tried to make it as painless as possible, as I release it I smear my blood soaked hands on my shirt and make my way back to our hideout. When I reached my family I noticed that they are all fast asleep, my dad still had his gun in his hand but his eyes were shut and his breathing was slow and calm. I looked at Oliver, his arms and legs were covered in cuts and bruises from the explosion at our school, the explosion that commenced the end of our city.  My mother had her arm wrapped around him, even without knowing she was constantly protecting us, her paranoia was strangely comforting. I set down the rabbit and went over to wash my hands in a nearby river “Good afternoon Lana,” my dad mumbled as he started to get up, he stretched his arms and yawned,  “Hey dad, I got a rabbit for lunch” I handed him the knife because I couldn’t stomach skinning the rabbit let alone gutting it. Suddenly everyone started to wake up, my mother got up to give Mia a bath, and Oliver came over and sat at the edge of the river, his hair was still a mess and his eyes had bags hanging under his eyes like drapes “Hey Oliver, do you know what tomorrow is?” I asked grinning as I dried my hands “Another day of misery or hey, let me guess instead of eating another innocent rabbit we’re going to eat a puppy?!” ever since Oliver was six he was a vegetarian, and now since we had virtually no option for food other than the animals I hunted in the woods,  fish and a rare treat of berries Oliver was forced to give up his morals to survive,  “ Your sarcasm is noted, but come on you can’t tell me you honestly don’t care that it’s your birthday tomorrow” Oliver looked up, staring at the river that glistened in the sunlight, he seemed to be held in a trance

“Don’t you see Lana, nothing like that matters anymore, birthdays don’t matter, everything is ending why would we waste time celebrating another year in a life like this?” I looked at him stunned, his innocence had been snatched from the palms of his hands, his once innocent eyes reflecting his yearning for knowledge were dull and exhausted. Instead of being the older sister and saying something comforting I simply got up, ruffled his hair and walked away to help my father prepare lunch. “What was that about?” My father asked, immediately reading the look  of stress on my face

“Um, I don’t really know, I was just talking to Oliver about his birthday tomorrow and he just seems to be completely done with everything, like hes lost his reason to relish life. I don’t know how to help him.”

“You’ve just got to give him some space, It’s been quite overwhelming for him,  you’ve got to remember how young he is, he can’t deal with it as well as you do, but don’t worry I’ll talk to him after lunch, which reminds me could you go and fetch some water for us to drink from the river?” He probably saw how sick I was getting from the thick stench of raw meat, I smiled beatific to do anything to get me away from it.  I picked up the large blue bucket by his feet and walked over to the river.  I knelt down by the water and watched it flow in as easily as silk. As I got up my body tensed and the bucket slipped out of my grip, just a few feet away from me was a little girl around six years-old and standing beside her was a boy hardly over the age of 17 and in his arms he carried a boy I assumed to be his brother. Blood covered his chest and dripped into the river. Behind them a man in a completely white uniform hid in the forest, he  lifted a gun the size of a bazooka  and aimed it at their heads, a scream pierced the air and I suddenly realized that It was coming out of my mouth.

1) Fragile: easily broken

2) Dissolved: change its form into liquid

3) Tranquility: in the state of being calm, peacefulness

4) Merge: to combine

5) Scathed: to harm or injure

6) Commenced:  began

7) Glistened: shone

8) Yearning:  the intense feeling of longing

9) Relish: to enjoy

10) Beatific:  extremely happy